If you want to level up the talents and AI of your trained wolf, you'll need to make some treats.

Training Treat Edit

The training treat is the first treat you'll need to make. Each treat raises your dog's level by 1 and also raises your spendable points by 1. This treat is no longer useful once your dog is level 20.

It is crafted with 1 string, 1 bone, 1 gunpowder, 3 sugar, and 3 wheat.


Super Treat Edit

This treat will raise your dog's level up by 1 (also by 1 spendable point) until your dog reaches level 40.

A stack of 5 is crafted with 5 Training Treats and 1 golden apple.


Master Treat Edit

This is the final treat as far as basic leveling goes. It will raise your dog's level by 1 (and 1 spendable point) until level 60.

A stack of 5 is crafted with 5 Super Treats and 1 diamond.


Dire Treats Edit

Once your dog is level 60, you can still raise your dog's "dire level" with Dire Treats! This maxes out at level 30, at which point your dog is fully trained and acquires a nifty aura.

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A single Dire Treat is crafted with 5 Master Treats and 1 end stone.


Breeding Treats Edit

Breeding treats, when fed to two different dogs, will cause your dogs to produce a puppy!

To craft a stack of 2, you need 1 Master Treat, 1 cooked fish, 1 cooked porkchop, 1 steak, and 1 cooked chicken.