Dog Food Bowl Edit

Your dog needs food to live! Thankfully, the Doggy Talents mod makes this an easy process. Trained dogs will automatically feed when you "set" the dog's food bowl to the dog by bringing it within one block of the bowl. Right click the food and put it in the dogs inventory.

To craft a food bowl, you'll need 8 iron ingots and 1 bone in the center.

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Dog Bed Edit

Dog beds can be crafted with 7 of any kind of wooden planks, and 2 wool blocks (of any color).

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Dog Bath Edit

Dog Baths can be crafted with 8 iron ingots and 1 bucket of water. When standing in the dog bath, the dog seems to continuously shake, flinging water particles and occasionally dropping fish if you have spent skill points on the Fisher Dog skill, all you have to do is get your dog sitting in the bath.

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Command Emblem Edit

This item allows you to carry out various commands to your dog. When you right click your dog with it, it sits or stands. It an also be used to target a mob for your dog to attack if it is on "Tactical" mode.

It is crafted with 4 gold ingots and 1 bow. :D


Throw Bone Edit

A throw bone is a fun toy for your dog! It is crafted with 4 bones and 1 slimeball.

Throw toy

Make sure you're dog is in DOCILE mode, right click in the distance to throw it, and watch as the dog fetches it and brings it back to you! Although, it will be covered in dog drool, so you'll have to right click to wipe it off before you can throw it again.

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(Sometimes, the dog will run to the bone and never pick it up OR not bring it back to you. Sometimes you have to approach the dog to get the bone back. It's a little buggy).

Radio Collar and Radar Edit

If you add a radio collar to your dog, you can use the radar like a map to locate your dog if it gets lost.

To craft the radio collar, you need 3 iron ingots and 1 red stone dust


To craft the radar, you need 1 red stone dust, 1 empty map, and 1 radio collar.


The little white dot is the location of your dog.

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Collar Shears Edit

Collar shears are used to remove the accessories on the dog..

It is crafted with 4 bones and 1 shears.

Collar shears
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"Are you removing my accessories? D;"