Step 1 Edit

Find a wild wolf (just any old Vanilla Minecraft wolf)

Alternatively, you can automatically spawn a tamed dog by using the "Doggy Charm" item that comes automatically in your inventory bar when you start a game with this mod installed (as of version 1.7.10 in April 2015).

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Step 2 Edit

Feed it bones (right click with a bone in your hand) until hearts appear above its head. If a collar appears on its neck and it sits down, you've done it right!

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Step 3 Edit

Feed the dog at least one Training Treat! Now, you will be able to right click on your dog with a stick in hand to open the training menu!

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Now click the plus sign for the talent you want your doggy to have (Max level is 5) Talents cost points you get them when your dog levels up(level dogs up by using treats ) you use different treats for different levels. for more information on what treats to use see ---> [1]

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